Friends:  We are one week away from The Heap, so lets go over some information

General Arrival Info: Gates will open at 10am Friday morning. This gives those that wish to come in early and get settled and enjoy a full day of relaxation to do so. Music will start at 2pm, and will run consistently throughout the day. Gates will close at 11pm Friday night, and reopen early Saturday morning.

Carpool bonus: Please share space, carpooling is ideal for this event, cars that arrive will 4 patrons or more will get a collective $20 ticket discount. We appreciated everyone being spatially conscious at this event!

Packing your gear: The camping area is wooded and has complete tree coverage, it is ideal for hammocks.

Temperatures will dip in the evenings, so please bring the appropriate layers and things you need to stay warm.

Feel free to bring EZups but you really wont need them for shade purposes in the camping area. Do yourself a favor, travel light.

LIGHT- It is fall, it is the NC countryside, and it is dark. It is dark in the campsite under the trees. Bring your headlamps, flashlights, etc. If you see someone in need of a light as they walk back to camp, assist them. We know you will, you're good heaple. We will have people around to make sure you watch your step and if you need help getting somewhere they will help you.

Feel free to bring food, drink, and good cheer, but also feel free to eat the food onsite which Mark does a great job with. It is cheap, delicious, and available all times of day. A $12 cup lets you drink all day from a selection of beer, punch, and wine. There will of course be water available on site, but it never, ever hurts to bring water. You hear that heaple? Water is good...water. is. good. It's cool to stay hydrated. All the cool kids are doing it. I am going to be getting so hydrated you're going to be like..."damn, that dude is hydrated and he is the bomb".

Do not bring grills with an open flame (charcoal, chimney starters, etc.) It is fall, leaves are dry, and we want people to be safe, because we love you heaple.

Do not bring glass. Cuts are bad.

Do not bring fireworks

More info: Obey the law. DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE in or out of The Heap. The best kind of ride is the safest ride!

Respect the land, and your fellow heaple! Please do things like try to keep the port-o-johns clean, we all share them. Please pick up your cigarette butts and litter, and help pick up around you. We want this event to continue, and we you to help us keep things clean in order to do that.

Do not swim in the pond. Just....don't swim in the pond. It's a cool pond, you swimming in it, not cool. Safety first.

Be friendly! We want you to be happy. If you need help with something or have a question, ask a staff member.

If you lose something, we'll keep a lost and found at the official merch booth.

More questions? Feel free to email us at We will respond to everyone and anyone. We got you. going to be fun.


2 Day - $40

1 Day - $25

You will redeem your Pass To The Heap with the ticket confirmation receipt that you will receive via email shortly after purchase.  Tickets are also available through any of the artists performing at The Heap and of course sold at the gate as well.  

Your ticket includes a shaded camping spot that is a very short walk from your car.

Vending/Volunteering- Want to vend or volunteer? Contact Lisa Koenigshofer at Craft vending only (food will be available for purchase on site).


Gates: 10am, Music: 2pm-12am, Campfire Sessions: 1am-?

Friday, 10/13-

Twisted River Junction

Spider Bitch

The Good Dope Sessions with Tommy Blaze

The Wright Ave.

JEB Trio

The Drove

Late Night Campfire sessions featuring Hunter McBride + Friends. Bring your acoustic instruments, drums, harmonicas, etc.

Saturday, 10/14

Music: 11am-12am, Campfire Sessions: 1am-?


The Wright Ave. (Improv Set)

Twisted River Junction

Psylo Joe

Imperial Blend

Psylo Joe

Imperial Blend

Heap, Pile, Crushstars featuring: Nick Macdaniels (Big Someting), Casey Cranford (Big Something), Julian Sizemore (The Mantras), Al Al Ingram (Yo Mama's Big Fat Booty Band), Jordan Zomparelli (The Wright Ave), Jared Coker (The Wright Ave)

The Wright Ave.

Late Night Campfire sessions featuring Hunter McBride + Friends. Bring your acoustic instruments, drums, harmonicas, etc.

The Heap is happy to welcome our collaborators and sponsers, Planktonious Productions and Hippy Hop Productions

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